I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We have been hard at work at bringing some old works to the Kindle and are glad to announce that two of Thomas Guthrie’s works are now available to the Kindle from GLH Publishing.

The first is Early Piety, in which Guthrie urges the reader to seek the Lord while in their youth. The second is The City: It’s Sins And Sorrowswhere Guthrie’s laments the social ills caused by drunkenness in his city and calls for gospel and social reform as a cure.

If you want to read more about Thomas Guthrie check out Andy Murray’s ragged theology blog which is dedicated to Thomas Guthrie and Tim Challies’ blog post on Thomas Guthrie and his importance as a philanthropist.

Both books are available for 99 cents for a short time on Amazon for the Kindle.

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