Well, I’m glad you haven’t given up on us yet. We have been silent for over a month now and for that I apologize and partially blame intermediate accounting (btw I have a lot more respect for CPAs now).

Now that there is a lull in the course work and studying for a test every week I wanted to let everyone know that we have released a new book by Thomas Gouge to start out our Vintage Puritan series. The book is titled Riches Increased By Giving To The Poor and I can certainly understand if there is some skepticism given that the title sounds like a heretical mix between Jim Wallis and Creflo Dollar. But I assure you it is not. Any book that has introductions by John Owen, Richard Baxter, William Bates, and Thomas Manton is nothing to dismiss. And if that is not enough Dr. Joel Beeke wrote a short endorsement saying,

Thomas Gouge’s masterful Riches Increased by Giving reveals the importance of giving from the heart. The first part helpfully discusses what true giving is, and the second part underscores this with scriptural evidence. Great endorsements have been offered for this book in the past by such divines as John Owen and Thomas Manton, and it is still relevant to our situation today. I am grateful that GLH Publishing has now made this work available as an ebook.

It is available for 99 cents on Amazon for the Kindle, so Tolle Lege.


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