Going from on deck to at bat is The Essential Works of Andrew MurrayWho though not a part of GLH’s normal very Reformed lineup (though some would consider him Reformed) Andrew Murray is a heavy hitter and has produced many classic devotional works that have spurred Christian’s around the world to seek and love God more. I hope that these 16 works of Andrew Murray included will encourage many toward the same.

The works included are:
•Abide in Christ
•The Two Covenants
•The Deeper Christian Life
•Helps to Intercession
•Humility: The Beauty of Holiness
•The New Life
•The Master’s Indwelling
•The School of Obedience
•The Prayer Life
•With Christ In the School of Prayer
•The Secret of the Cross
•Absolute Surrender
•The Lord’s Table
•The True Vine
•Waiting On God
•Working for God

Check it out on Amazon and purchase for 99 cents.


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